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Fisher-Price Link-a-doos Kick & Play Piano

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Fisher-Price Link-a-doos Kick & Play Piano
Fisher-Price Link-a-doos Kick & Play Piano
Name: Fisher-Price Link-a-doos Kick & Play Piano
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From just a few months old, babies start expressing themselves by kicking. It’s one of the first ways they show interest and excitement. The Kick & Play Piano™ encourages your baby to use natural kicking motions to make delightful things happen! Soft piano keys respond easily to baby’s touch, while twinkling lights “dance” in time to the music and fun animal sounds. Includes power/volume control and automatic shut-off to conserve batteries. Requires 3 “AA” alkaline batteries (not included). 

Three play modes for extended use: 

1 Melody Medley: Continuous play of 10 tunes while lights “dance” along. 

2 Play & Learn: Kicking the keys produces music, sounds and lights. Different settings help baby learn letters, numbers, colours, shapes and animal sounds. 

3 Floor Piano: Keys play notes like a piano when baby is ready for concerts outside the cot! Because babies need a variety of stimulation throughout the day, the Link-a-doos™ system makes it easy to switch toys around frequently, enhancing baby’s development with fresh new sights, sounds and textures to explore.

Recommended Age: From Birth Up.