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Jingle Jungle Sonia Foldaway Cooler Bag ( Assorted Colors )

Name: Jingle Jungle Sonia Foldaway Cooler Bag ( Assorted Colors )
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Jingle Jungle brings you an extensive range of stylish and yet affordable cooler bags to enhance your lifestyle as a nursing mom. 

Introducing Sonia foldaway cooler bag, which suits your fun-filled lifestyle as a mom. :) 
- Generous size which holds 6 to 8 bottles. 
- Hand carry or shoulder sling, up to your preference. 
- Insulated to keep your milk chilled for more than 12 hours when used with our Jingle Jingle reusable icepacks or other icepacks of equivalent quality. 
- Use only nylon materials (inner) which is safe and will not release any harmful toxic even when placed under hot sun. 
- Size: 15W x 19L x 13H (6" x 7.5" x 5.25")