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Lascal Buggyboard Maxi

Lascal Buggyboard Maxi
Lascal Buggyboard Maxi
Lascal Buggyboard Maxi
Lascal Buggyboard Maxi
Name: Lascal Buggyboard Maxi
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  • The BuggyBoard Maxi remain in a fixed position in relation to the stroller, ensuring comfort and safety for the child, allowing you to pass over bumps and curbs without affecting the balance of the stroller.

  • The BuggyBoard Maxi can be attached to a stroller in minutes, with no tools required thanks to the Easy-Fit system. This system also allows you to attach, level, adjust or remove your BuggyBoard in just seconds.

  • The Lift-n-Store system lifts your board up and out of the way when not in use.

BuggyBoard-Maxi? provides security for your child in crowds and high traffic areas. When your child is too tired to walk, or when you are in a hurry, the BuggyBoard-Maxi? makes it easy for both of you.

The BuggyBoard-Maxi? is designed to easily be attached to the upright tubing of a stroller or to the frame of a pram with a width between uprights of 31 - 54 cm (12" - 21").

The connectors are made to fit square, oval or round tubing with a maximum circumference of 22.5 cm (9"). No wheel axle is required.


► Square tubing

Maximum circumference of 16.8 cm / 6.6?. Max. 4.2 x 4.2 cm (1.6? x 1.6?)

► Round tubing

Min. ? 1 cm (0.4?)
Max. ? 6 cm (2.3?)
Max. circumference 18.8 cm (7.4?)

► Oval tubing

Max. circumference 22.5 cm (8.8")

Tested & Approved:


The BuggyBoard-Maxi? is tested and approved by:
SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co. Ltd, Guangzhou, China according to EN 1888:2003 clauses 6, 7, 16, 17 and 18


Suitable for children from 2 - 5 years or maximum 20 kg (44 lb).