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Leap Frog My Own Leaptop

Leap Frog My Own Leaptop
Leap Frog My Own Leaptop
Leap Frog My Own Leaptop
Leap Frog My Own Leaptop
Name: Leap Frog My Own Leaptop
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The pretend computer play with the LeapFrog My Own Leaptop in the Green & Pink style gets even better with a new, larger screen! Explore four learning modes and even customize My Own Leaptop to spell your child's name! Send and receive pretend e-mails, learn letters and animal names, and sing along with 16 songs and melodies. Some images below depict an alternate color. 

Product Highlights
  • New, larger screen features 26 fun animal animations
  • Four learning modes offer a variety of fun, educational play
  • ABC mode lets children hear the letter, the letter sound and a word using that letter
  • Message mode lets children pretend to send and receive e-mails with Scout
  • Choose from eight e-mail messages and personalize for your child to enjoy (Internet connection required)
  • Games mode lets kids play fun animal trivia and letter games to help reinforce the learning
  • Music mode provides 16 fun songs and melodies
  • Choose and download songs for a custom playlist (Internet connection required)
  • Modes are accessed with the movable mouse switch
  • Durable plastic case opens like a laptop
  • Lightweight and convenient handle enables on-the-go fun
  • Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for customized learning ideas and insights from LeapFrog
  • Won the 2011 Toy of the Year Award (Infant/Preschool) by the Toy Industry Association
  • Teaches exploring the alphabet: Even very young children can begin to recognize some letters, especially the letters in their names.
  • Teaches early pretend play: Pretend play gives children a chance to act out different experiences and roles they see in their world.
  • Teaches music and sound: Making and listening to music helps young children notice and attend to different sounds and rhythms.
  • Teaches exploring animals: Even very young children can begin to name animals and identify the sounds they make.
  • Teaches computer literacy: Young children can become familiar with a keyboard as they are exposed to common computer terms and interactions.
Recommended Age : From 2 Years Old And Above.