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Basilic PES Standard Neck Feeding Bottle (120ml/4oz) - 1pc

Name: Basilic PES Standard Neck Feeding Bottle (120ml/4oz) - 1pc
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Serial Number: D100
Stock Status: In Stock
PES Feeding Bottle
  • Bisphenol A-free
  • No artificial colors
  • Stable and safe material
  • Heat-proof and friction is much better than PC feeding bottle.
Anti-colic Teat / Nipple
  • Avoid leakage
  • No clogging
  • Shorten feeding time
  • Soft and easy sucking
  • Heat-proof and nontoxic
  • Reduce the milk to be overflowing
  • Tube prevents air being added to the feed
  • Smooth milk flow with the extended tube leading air to the bottom of bottle
-Basilic PES FEEDING BOTTLE is free of BPA.

-Materials: cap (PP+TRP) , screw-ring (PP) , body (PES) , teat / nipple (silicone)