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Buds Baby Safe Anti-Bacteria Floor Cleaner 600ml

Name: Buds Baby Safe Anti-Bacteria Floor Cleaner 600ml
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Powered Organic Tea Tree Oil and Fruit Extract 

As babies grow, they love to explore and play. To ensure baby?s safely, our Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner is formulated with natural, mild and safe cleansing agents that leaves no harmful residue. Its natural anti-bacterial property comes from organic tea tree oil and natural fruit extract, which are very effective against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Why is buds Household Eco Unique?
  • Powered by Nature, with Absolutely Zero Nasties
  • Buds Household Eco is Certified by ECOCERT
  • Protect Your Baby from Harsh Chemicals and Challenging Environments
  • At Buds, we want to make the world a safer place for baby

At Buds, we are here to give you peace of mind and make both yours and baby?s quality of life better. One of the ways we (and you) show the love for baby is to protect them from all that is potentially dangerous and toxic as well as germs and bacteria. All these aggressors are also the main cause of allergies. We believe in greener and safer care for baby.

Our range of Buds Baby Household Eco range has ZERO nasties, and cleans gently and effectively. We are certified by one of the strictest and most recognized certification bodies in the world, ECOCERT, and we only use surfactants that are of plant origin as well as no artificial fragrances or colourants, giving you a safe, effective, environmentally friendly range of cleaning products for baby.

As your little ones start to grow up and explore the world, you will have peace of mind, knowing that you are minimizing your baby?s contact with harmful residue, chemicals and fumes of commercial cleaning products, which will hamper their growth and affect their health.