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Buds Cherished Organics Baby Massage Oil 100ml

Name: Buds Cherished Organics Baby Massage Oil 100ml
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Preservatives Free and Certified Organic Baby care

Everything you need to ensure your baby get the best start in life, Organically!!!

Massaging baby is a wonderful way to spend time and bond with your baby. Our luxurious JOJOBA and SUNFLOWER massage oil is boosted with INCA INCHI to bolster the health of baby?s skin. Just warm a little between your palms and you?re ready to start. Our organic formulation is fragrance free- perfect for sensitive newborns and aromatherapy massage if you want to experiment with the essential oils for your baby. Try ROSE and LAVENDER to help baby sleep or PEPPERMINT OR EUCALYTUS if baby has a cold.

Bubs Cherished Organic are certified by Ecocert
Bubs Cherished Organic are inspected and approved by Ecocert, one of the regarded certifying boards. Ecocert?s esteemed international reputation stems from a long history of impartially , objectivity and a wealth of experience in upholding ethic and promoting organic products . This coveted certification is only granted to those sufficiently devoted to pursuing truly organic status.