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*FREE GIFT* Autumnz Food Dehydrator

Name: *FREE GIFT* Autumnz Food Dehydrator
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The Autumnz Food Dehydrator can be used to dry any fruits and vegetables of your choice through a drying process in 40?C ? 70?C warm air. It makes dried fruits and vegetables to be served as healthy food, rich of nutrients enjoyed by everyone. Storing these dried foods in proper airtight containers allow them to be kept for longer time. Get the basics down, you?ll be amazed at the variety of food you can prepare and preserve.  


Digital temperature controller - Controls temperature from 40?C - 70?C with LCD display

Digital time controller  - Controls time from 1-36 hours with LCD display

Ideal for all food types and sizes - Suitable for different fruits, vegetables and herbs

Spacious trays with a free mat - 5 transparent and stackable trays (32cm x 25cm each) and a free mat to hold smaller size food

Transparent lid  - Helps to monitor drying process easily

Superior air circulation - Promotes even drying 

Note: Drying time may vary depending on the food?s thickness and hydration status. Kindly refer to the "Food Drying Temperature/Time Reference Table?  in the manual guide for guidance.