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I-Angel Mesh Hipseat Baby Carrier

I-Angel Mesh Hipseat Baby Carrier
I-Angel Mesh Hipseat Baby Carrier
I-Angel Mesh Hipseat Baby Carrier
I-Angel Mesh Hipseat Baby Carrier
Name: I-Angel Mesh Hipseat Baby Carrier
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The product reduces weight load placed on the spine and pelvis of users, allowing users to lift and put down their baby with ease.

All family members including mother and father can use the carrier and actively participate in baby care.

Internal foam is the core of hipseat carriers specially made using EPP material, harmless for human body, in cooperation with an excellent domestic material supplier exclusive for i-angel. The carrier can be used in diverse positions including hugging from side, hugging from front, carrying on the back, and looking ahead.

1. We are confident about excellent quality.

Based on a hip seat for which patent was registered several years ago,We went through scores of trials and errors in order to make a more perfect product.

2. We offer reasonable price.

The entire process of manufacturing I-Angel?s hip seat carrier is independently carried out by i-angel.Since planning, development, design, production, and distribution are conducted with a one-stop system price bubble was removed.

3. We have original design.

The design is unique to I-Angel.It is the first hip seat carrier outer in the world. Create diverse styles of baby and mother using outer in various design.

4. We provide reliable stability.

Hip seat uses foamed Styrofoam base on PP material, which cannot be compared with low priced Styrofoam and is harmless for human body.Instead of low priced Styrofoam normally seen in the market, we use luxurious compressed Styrofoam with PP material.

5. Responsible corporation.

I-Angel has been developing, producing, and distributing baby carriers for more than 10 years.We have participated in annual baby expos to reflect the needs of consumers.

Usable Age : 3 Months - 36 Months 

Usable Weight : 3.5kg - 20kg 

Waist Size : 65 - 115cm 

Warranty : One Year