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Malish Celia Single Electric Breastpump

Name: Malish Celia Single Electric Breastpump
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  • Memory function - Save the setting of last work on standby
  • Silicone cushion for maximum comfort
  • 9 level suction control - Different suction strength and speed can be set on left & right
  • 2 phase function - Simulation & expression with adjustable suction & speed
  • Futuristic display - easy to read display & screen touch pad
  • Compact, durable & reliable - Adaptor & Battery operated with lanyard and hook design
  • Quiet & comfort - Ideal for discreet pumping 
  • Bottle neck adaptor - Suitable for wide neck and standard neck bottles
  • Anti-backflow - To prevent the milk from going into the electric motor
  • Rechargeable battery - Built in with high capacity 

Warranty : 1 Year Limited Warranty