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MAM Milk Powder Dispenser

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MAM Milk Powder Dispenser
MAM Milk Powder Dispenser
Name: MAM Milk Powder Dispenser
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MAM Milk Powder Dispenser is especially lightweight and holds up to three servings of powdered milk or formula. Thanks to its triangular shape, milk powder or formula can be filled easily into the bottle without leaving any residue behind. Perfect for active parents and ideal for on-the-go!
  • A triangular shape with three snap covers at each corner, allowing for the quick and easy pouring of powdered milk or formula with no residue  
  • 3 individual compartments for extra-large portions
  • Spill-free snap covers for easy opening, filling and reclosing
  • Extra-flat and sleek design that conveniently fits into every bag for on-the-go access
  • Volume per portion: up to 40g
  • Sterilisable & dishwasher-safe