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MAM Teach Me Toothbrush Set

Name: MAM Teach Me Toothbrush Set
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The unique Teach Me Toothbrush Set consists of 2 brushes:
Caregiver Brush to brush along with you and learn the correct usage & "Baby's First Brush" to explore this smaler brush independently

MAM Caregiver Brush with extra long handle - it allows your baby to brush along with you.

.... how to do ... ... let your baby sit on your laps or put it on the changing table. Stand behind your child and tilt his or her head back. If necessary, open the mouth gently with your fingers while you are cleaning the teeth alone or together with your child. Or, let your child first clean the teeth and then re-brush. At the beginning the technique is not that important. It is more important to get the child used to clean the teeth regularly and carefully.

My First BrushWhile sitting on your lap or in an infant seat, your baby can explore this smaller brush independently. 

When your child is approximately half a year old, his or her motor functions are developed enough to imitate what adults are doing - including brushing the teeth. Support your childęs natural urge to imitate you, but pay attention to buying the right toothbrush specifically designed for children. Let your child brush the teeth, but always re-brush, your baby does not know yet how important the right technique is.

Make regular toothbrushing a natural part of your child?s lifestyle from a young age. Just as eating certain foods, wearing certain clothes, and playing with certain toys all are! 

To avoid accidents, adult supervision is always required whenever your child is using any toothbrush. 

Product Features
  • Short, extra-soft bristles with rounded heads provide optimal brushing without harming a baby's tender gums and tooth enamel.
  • The small gap created by the short, pink bristles serves as a guide for how much toothpaste to use.
  • Soft handle is ergonomically shaped, easy to grip and non-slip.
  • Extra long handle of the caregiver brush allows baby to brush along with caregiver and learn proper usage.
  • Soft massage part of the caregiver brush gently cleans tongue and gums prior to the appearance of your baby's teeth and may ease teething discomfort