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Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack

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Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack
Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack
Name: Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack
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Serial Number: 16001
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A drying rack that keeps your feeding accessories off the counter and folds flat for easy storage - if only your child could be as neat, dry, and organized. It's the little things

The Munchkin Deluxe Drying Rack is the key to keeping your kitchen counters clear and your feeding accessories organized and dry. It's designed to hold bottles, nipples, sealing discs, cups, straws, valves and more, with a subtle, modern design that's easy on the eye. This baby bottle drying rack features two peg heights, allowing you to fit bottles and accessories of all sizes. Each peg is coated with a rounded tip to prevent scratching and folds flat for easy storage. A uniquely-designed slotted row holds 8 sealing discs upright, while the built-in reservoir collects excess water to keep counter-tops dry. Keep your bottles dry and your counter-tops clean with this bottle washing must-have.
  • No assembly required
  • Ideal for air drying bottles, nipples, cups and accessories
  • Holds bottle vents and straws upright
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Water-collecting reservoir keeps counter-tops dry