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Nuk Latex Soother 0-6m (2pcs) - Pacifier

Name: Nuk Latex Soother 0-6m (2pcs) - Pacifier
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Serial Number: 40725608
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Totally trendy ? typically orthodontic
NUK Trendline soothers have the orthodontic NUK Shape, an anatomically shaped mouth shield and motifs to make your baby smile. The slender button and flush-lying ring also prevent pressure points when baby is lying on its stomach.

Like all NUK soothers, Trendline soothers incorporate the NUK AIR SYSTEM. This means air can escape from the baglet through a valve. This way it stays soft and flat enough to prevent jaw malformations.
  • Orthodontic NUK shape
  • Anatomically shaped mouth shield
Note : Printings, colors and designs are for illustration only subject to change from time to time.