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Nuk Nipple Wipes (30 sachets)

Name: Nuk Nipple Wipes (30 sachets)
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It is advisable to clean your nipple before and after each feed and change your breastpads after each feed because germs can grow very quickly in milk residue which is left on the pads.

Nuk Nipples wipes is suitable for mothers and babies on the go. Mothers can just open one sachets and wipes the nipple without to worry of any more hygiene issues with baby on the go. 

  • Gentle for sensitive nipples.
  • 100 cotton
  • No chemicals
  • With purified water.
  • NUK Nipple Wipe is thoroughly sterilised by autoclaving at 115 degree.
  • Only purified water is used, contains no preservatives or chemicals.
  • Recommended to those who have delicate skin.
  • Individually air-tight sealed, hygienic and convenient to carry.
  • Each box contains 30 sachets.