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Nuk Oral Wipes (25 sachets)

Name: Nuk Oral Wipes (25 sachets)
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    NUK Oral cleansing begins even before the baby?s teeth start to erupt. Wipe the gum with NUK Oral Wipes after each feed. This cleans the mouth to reduce growth of bacteria and introduces your child to oral cleaning procedure early.
    NUK Oral Wipe is thoroughly sterilized by autoclaving machines at 115 deg C.
    Only purified water is used, and it contains no preservatives or chemicals.
    As it is made of exceptionally soft material, it does not irritate the baby?s mouth. It is widely used in removing mucous, releasing phlegm or applying solution to any area of the oral cavity. It helps reduce the breeding of bacteria in the mouth while maintaining oral hygiene for the baby. The wipe is individually air-tight sealed, hygienic and convenient to carry around.