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Philips Avent Natural Silicone Teats (2pcs)

Name: Philips Avent Natural Silicone Teats (2pcs)
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The NEW Natural Philips AVENT Nipples closely mimic the shape of a breast so baby can easy switch between your breast and a bottle. The soft, rounded nipple encourages your newborn to use the same peristaltic movements used to breastfeed, and a comfort petal design keeps the nipple from collapsing as baby suckles. Baby's tummy will stay satisfied, thanks to twin anti-colic valves, which vent air into the bottle--not into baby's delicate tummy--to reduce colic. These soft silicone nipples are easy to clean and sterilize, and can be used with any Natural Philips AVENT bottle.

  • Natural nipple helps newborns feed from breast and bottle
  • Breast-like shape promotes natural suckling motions
  • Twin anti-colic valves keep air out of baby's tummy
  • Comfort petals keep flexible nipple open during feeding
  • Durable silicone is odorless and easy to sterilize
Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding

Nipple Feels More Like Mom's Breast

The base of the Natural Philips AVENT newborn-flow nipple is wider than most and is designed to imitate the natural shape of a breast, making it easier to move baby between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Its natural shape helps baby latch on easily, so your little one can feed contentedly. The nipple's design encourages baby to use the same tongue movements and suckling motions as for breast feeding so moving between the two feels natural.

Advanced anti-colic system

Twin Anti-Colic Valves Keep Baby's Belly Satisfied

The Natural nipple has twin anti-colic valves to make feeding more comfortable for your bundle of joy. While baby feeds, the valves release air back into the bottle rather than into your little one's delicate tummy, which reduces colic and keeps baby comfortable and happy.

Unique comfort petals

Comfort Petals Make Nipple Softer and More Flexible

Built-in comfort petals make this nipple even softer and more flexible. The petals also keep the nipple from collapsing as baby feeds, letting your new arrival enjoy a meal without interruption. Newborn nipples offer Philips AVENT's slowest flow, letting even the youngest babies feed comfortably.

Easy to clean

Soft, Strong Silicone Is Easy to Clean

These soft silicone nipples are strong, durable, odorless, and flavorless. The nipples are easy to clean--you can sterilize in a Philips AVENT steam sterilizer, wash it by hand or in the dishwasher or by boiling for five minutes in water.