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Tommee Tippee Active Straw Cup 260ml/9oz

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Tommee Tippee Active Straw Cup 260ml/9oz
Tommee Tippee Active Straw Cup 260ml/9oz
Name: Tommee Tippee Active Straw Cup 260ml/9oz
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Serial Number: 447025/26/27
Stock Status: In Stock
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Keeps drinks cool and warm
  • Standing, crawling, walking, running ? being a toddler can be hot and thirsty work, but this larger 260ml insulated cup keeps drinks nice and cool, so your little one stays happy and hydrated all day.
For independent drinking
  • Chunky and lightweight with easy-?grip sides, this is the perfect cup for to grab and sip as your little one explores their new world.
For thrills not spills
  • Our clever flip up straw is guaranteed to keep your little one nice and dry as they set off on their big adventures.
Easy to assemble and clean
  • News Flash: Toddlers are messy! And everything they touch gets messy too. But don?t worry, this cup comes in two simple parts that click apart easily and can be washed in hot soapy water or on the top shelf of the dishwasher. All tommee tippee cups have interchangeable parts, so no matter which handle, lid or base you grab from the cupboard, everything will fit!
Gentle and safe
  • Your little one?s gums can be highly sensitive, especially when teething, so our super soft spout is incredibly smooth and gentle in their tiny mouth. Of course all our cups are BPA free
Eye?catching combinations
  • Blue, pink, orange & decorated, you can choose from a range of colours and designs to find the straw cup that?s perfect for you and your little one!

Recommended Age: From 12 Months and Above