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US Baby Sili-Smart Silicone Pacifier - Flat Shape (1pc)

Name: US Baby Sili-Smart Silicone Pacifier - Flat Shape (1pc)
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  • Made of medical grade platinum silicone, heat stable up to 310 Deg C, safer than PC, PEX, PPSU FEEDING BOTTLE.
  • No deformation and does not release toxic substances, does not contain nitrosamines
  • Experiment proven that the breaking test is comply with highest safety standards of Europe CE. One piece design, no part will fall out to avoid baby swallow the pacifier accidentally.
  • Strictly pass the International ISO10993 test:  Sensitive test, Skin Irritating Test, Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity Test.
  • Protection Case is attached for hygiene storage, can be sterilized.
Materials :
  • Medical Grade Platinum Silicone, heat stable up to 310 Deg C. 
  • Lid : Polypropylene, heat stable up to 120 Deg C.
Precautions :
  • Under heat stable 310 DegC, suggested that sterilized for 5 minutes will do.
  • Sterilize with multi functional Sterilizer every time before use, store at hygiene place, avoid cockroaches to ensure baby?s health.
  • Please use pacifier chain together when using pacifier. Hook the pacifier chain at the baby?s clothes so that it is safe use.
  • Keep away from ignition and avoid contact will sharp tools.